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Bengali Chaitra Sankranti festival

by endroar
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Charak Puja was originally Dharma Gajan or worship of Dharma Thakur, which later evolved into Shiva Gajan. This Dharmathakura is derived from the Buddhist deity Dharmaraja. Village people like Bauri, Bagdi, Handi, Dom etc. worship this Dharma Thakur. Although the statue of Dharmathākura in that sense is not seen, the stone fragment is worshipped, in some villages the Buddha image itself is worshipped. In some villages, both Dharmathakur and Shiva are worshiped in Ghajn. As Shiva is worshiped, Charak Puja is also called Shiva Gajan.

Many of us know the rhyme 'We are two brothers/ Shiva's gajan gai'. In the rhyme, the form of the lack of rural areas emerges. 'Ga' and 'Jan' from Shiva's Gajan-gram means the people of the village. Some people assume that Ghajan or Charak Puja is a reflection of what the common people want.

According to some historians, Chaitra Sankranti is observed to create a link between the human body and nature. The tradition of celebrating Chaitra Sankranti by eating vegetables, Chaitali season vegetables, leaves, wraps etc. collected from nature is still observed in some areas. According to folk tradition, special food on Chaitra Sankranti is chhatu, chira, curd, muri, khai, sesame and coconut rice etc.


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