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Beef prices rise 150% in 10 years

by endroar

Mohammad Muzaffar Hossain, Professor of Animal Science Department of Animal Husbandry Faculty of Bangladesh Agricultural University, thinks that family cow rearing is decreasing all over the country. He mentioned that the number of cows is not increasing at the desired rate because of this Prothom-aloWho said, educated children are not coming to rear cows. Many young people of the village are going abroad. Those staying at home are also more interested in farming such as fish farming, vegetable farming or driving autorickshaws rather than rearing cows. As a result, the number of people rearing cows in the family is decreasing. There is also a shortage of space and food. Again the price of cattle feed is also increased.

However, pointing out that cow rearing is increasing commercially, Professor Mohammad Muzaffar said that those who are rearing cows are more interested in commercial rearing. Others are slowly moving away.

However, there is no specific research on whether cow rearing is decreasing in rural households. In this regard, inquiries were made in three villages of Barisal, Mymensingh and Rangpur districts Prothom-alo. Among them, the information of a family house in Kalihata village of Ujirpur upazila of Barisal is taken. It can be seen that a century ago, 10 families of Kacha-Ripar houses in this village were rearing cows. Now only the family of Masud Howladar of that house rears cows.

Masud Hawladar Prothom-aloKay said most of the youth in his family have gone to the city in the last few years to look for work. Some of the elders who used to take care of the cows have died, some of them are not physically able to take care of the cows. Once upon a time selling cow's milk was a source of income for households to meet their daily expenses. Now families run on expatriate income or remittances from the next generation from the city, he noted.

Five families of Rajabari village of Muktagachha upazila of Mymensingh have been found out, now two families are no longer rearing cows. Among them, one family has not reared cows for six years, another for four years. This is mainly because the senior members of the two families reared cows. An elderly member of the family has died, another is ill. So now there is no one to take care of cows.


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