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Home Business Bearing plate theft and bridge failure are the causes

Bearing plate theft and bridge failure are the causes

by endroar
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Head of a high-level investigation committee. Shahidul Islam in his office last Sunday Prothom-aloK said that the initial work of the investigation process has been completed. The accident occurred due to two reasons. The main reason is that the bearing plate is removed from the rail. And the bearing plates did not appear to have been removed for sabotage purposes. Three bearing plates were removed by some teenagers for the purpose of theft. Another reason is that many of the sleepers on the railway bridge are damaged. They have deteriorated due to lack of maintenance or renovation. That railway bridge could not take the load of the train carriages. As a result derailment. Shahidul Islam said that some investigation work is left. After that they will submit the report quickly.

On March 17, nine coaches of the Vijay Express train from Chittagong to Jamalpur derailed in Tejer Bazar area of ​​Dhalua Union, adjacent to Hasanpur railway station in Nangalkot, Comilla. At least 15 people were injured. After that it takes three days for the train to start running as per the schedule.


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