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Be inspired to protect biodiversity

by endroar
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Sandipta Saha is a small shopkeeper. He sells various types of food, especially fried food. But he feeds the birds with bread, biscuits and onion powder. The first thing he does after opening the shop is to feed the birds. Sandeepta said the birds waited on the branches of the saffron tree behind the shop until he gave them food. A flock of birds started chirping and eating as soon as they were given food in tin rice. Some days there are like 50 birds in that flock, sometimes like 100. Shalik, sparrow, dove, pigeon, dove come more often.

Sandeeptar has a family of five with his wife, two sons and a daughter. The income of the shop somehow supports his family. He spends about 100 taka per day on feeding the birds. Even when Sandeeptar's shop was closed during Corona, he regularly fed the birds. He said, he enjoys feeding the birds. His two sons Sajal Saha and Eman Saha feed the birds if he is unable to come to the shop.


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