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Home Business BCB will not trade, said Nazmul Hasan

BCB will not trade, said Nazmul Hasan

by endroar
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At this time, the board president refuted the rumors of BCB going to the stock market and asked, “Who will buy the shares?” Why go to buy shares?' He said, 'Many things are written in the law, since the law applies to everyone. But we will not do everything. We will only do what works for us. Do we trade shares? We are the cricket board!' He also clarified that BCB has no plans to sell or buy shares.

Explaining the purpose of launching BCB television, Nazmul Hasan said, 'The purpose is to show any kind of game (cricket). We have two channels here, T Sports and Gazi TV, they show sports. We will show all the games that they don't or can't show.'


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