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BBC will operate in two parts in India

by endroar
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The UK-based media BBC is going to split into two parts in India. The journey of this new management is starting today from Wednesday. As per Indian law, changes have been made in the governance structure of the media to meet the conditions of foreign investment.

English-language digital, television and radio journalists will work directly under the BBC's London headquarters. On the other hand, a new, independent, Indian-owned organization called Collective Newsroom will collect, publish and disseminate news for the BBC's Indian language services.

Henceforth BBC Hindi will be managed under Collective Newsroom. Apart from this, the media has separate websites for Marathi, Gujarati, Punjabi, Tamil and Telugu speakers. These services will also be managed through the Collective Newsroom. It also has a YouTube channel called BBC News India. It will be published in English language.


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