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Home Business Bangladeshi medical-physicist received 'Federal Cross of Merit' by German government

Bangladeshi medical-physicist received 'Federal Cross of Merit' by German government

by endroar
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Ikarkundi to Germany

71-year-old Ghulam Abu Zakaria was born in Ikarkundi village of Naogaon. In addition to education, cultural practices and philanthropic attitude have been received from the family. After passing matriculation from KD High School in Naogaon district in 1968 and Intermediate from Rajshahi College in 1970, he was admitted in the same year in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Electronics of Ahchanullah School of Engineering (now Bangladesh University of Engineering). Ghulam Abu Zakaria is one of the few Bangladeshi students who went to Germany on scholarship in the first year after the country became independent.

He went to Germany and studied German for the first year at the Herder Institute of the University of Leipzig. Entered the second year at the Martin Luther University Halle-Uttenberg. Subject Physics. During the second year of study, a speech by the father of molecular biology, Max Delbrück stuck in Zakaria's mind, where the Nobel laureate said to the physicists, 'There have been two world wars in the world. There was a lot of bleeding. Physicists should now work on medicine instead of making atomic bombs. Many people will benefit from it.'

His words determined the course of Zakaria's life. He got the idea of ​​doing something on medical physics. The matter is his uncle in Birmingham, UK. Golam told Mustafa. His uncle is also a medical physicist. He also encouraged his nephew, 'Great thinking. The future of medical physicists is bright.'

This medical-physics is useful in diagnosis and treatment. This science has taken an important place in the treatment of cancer. Modern equipment and computer programs used in hospitals are supervised by medical physicists. Encouraged by his uncle, Bhagane started his studies in the Department of Medicine and Physics at Heidelberg University in Germany in 1980. He did his PhD in 1986. He started working at the University of Cologne that year. In 1987, the Department of Medical Radiation Physics was established under his leadership at the Gummarburg Hospital of the University of Cologne. Professor Zakaria was given the responsibility of the head of the department. He served here till his retirement in August 2019. Dr. Ghulam Abu Zakaria was saying, 'It's nice to think, as a medical physicist, I have been able to serve more than 50,000 patients.'


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