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Bangladesh topic in Modi-Kharge rhetorical dispute

by endroar
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Kharge then drew the land border agreement and wrote, 'In 2015, you praised the agreement made by Indira Gandhi in 1974 and said about the land border agreement with Bangladesh. That agreement was implemented during your government. Keeping the proof of friendship, your government gave 111 enclaves of India to Bangladesh, in return got 55 enclaves of Bangladesh.

Apparently Kharge meant that the one who is blaming Congress for giving an island, has given 111 enclaves to Bangladesh!

Kharge then wrote, 'In that year, 1974, another friendly agreement was signed between India and Sri Lanka, regarding the island of Kachchitvu. On the eve of the Tamil Nadu elections, you are bringing up that touchy issue, whereas your government's Attorney General Mukul Rohatgi had told the Supreme Court in 2014 that Kachchitivhu had gone to Sri Lanka by treaty. To take it back, you have to fight. Did your government take any initiative to take back that island?'


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