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Home Business Bangladesh does not accept the sovereignty of any country: Mirza Fakhrul

Bangladesh does not accept the sovereignty of any country: Mirza Fakhrul

by endroar
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Referring to the incident of harassment of female students in the university, the Secretary General of BNP expressed his disappointment to the students and women for not protesting against it. He said, 'Here in Jahangirnagar University, in Jagannath University teachers have molested female students, what are you doing, what have you done. He did not even protest. Where did that Dhaka University go, where did those students go – who fought the independence war, language movement, mass uprising in the 90s. Where did they go?

Secretary General of BNP alleged that Awami League has destroyed the spirit, goals, aspirations, dreams of the liberation war. He said, they have taken away the desire of a democratic Bangladesh, electing representatives by voting, living in a democratic environment, being able to speak freely, being able to write, being able to hold dissenting opinions, ownership of the people in the state.

Mirza Fakhrul said, 'They have finished by tearing up the constitution. This constitution now has three articles. That paragraph you can never change. There is nothing but a person, a family. Abolished the electoral system under the universally accepted non-party caretaker government and brought back elections under one-party government. In doing that, the democratic institutions of Bangladesh have been destroyed.


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