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Bangladesh disproves Kissinger's 'basket case' comment

by endroar

Sugata Bose: I was elected in the Parliament of India in 2014 from Jadavpur Lok Sabha Constituency. The center from which my mother Krishna Bose was elected to the Lok Sabha three more times. He was the chairperson of our Parliamentary Standing Committee on Foreign Policy for five years. I also became a member of that committee. The first thing that came to us was the draft of our Constitution Amendment Bill on 'Land Boundary Agreement'. Although we were on the opposition side, we were in agreement with the Narendra Modi government on other issues.

Earlier, the Parliament of India did not ratify it for 40 years. Then I forcefully spoke to my party leader. I saw that in order to do this, the Constitution Amendment Bill must be passed. For which a two-thirds vote is required. We could do that. I said then, it is for our national interest that we need to improve relations with Bangladesh. It needs to be effective especially for the poor people living in these enclaves, who do not have access to education, health care facilities.

We accepted this report in the committee. At that time, I kept in touch with West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, Indian External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj and Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. This is a bill unanimously passed in the Parliament of India
is passed

There was also talk about Teesta. I think the discussion on Teesta has progressed a lot. I wanted the Teesta issue to be resolved between the two countries while still in Parliament. I could not do that then. I have always tried to improve India-Bangladesh and the relationship between the two Bengals.

We have to think a little differently. Whether it is West Bengal or Bangladesh, if we can establish closer communication with Asia especially Southeast and East Asia through this Bay of Bengal, then the economic development of both sides will be wider.


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