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Avro came to give freedom to write Bengali on the internet

by endroar
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Using the popular programming language of that time, Visual Basic, he wrote Unicode-based Bengali software, which will work on Windows. On March 26, 2003, he released the software called Avro. Mehdi likes the word Avro after checking the dictionary. Avro means sky. Unicode, as well as being free to use. So Mehdi chose the synonym of sky. Mehdi also published a website so that everyone can collect avro directly from the internet. Its name is He took the name Omicron from Muhammad Zafar Iqbal's book 'Omicronic Transformation'.
The first version of Avro had the Vijay Bangla keyboard layout for typing. Mehdi himself made Avro Easy to type Bengali easily without memorizing the keyboard. It was the era of online forums. So a forum was opened on Omicron's website. Avro was joined by Rifat Un Nabi, Tanbin Islam, Shabab Mustafa, Omar Osman—and later Sarim Khan. They all started working for Abra as volunteers.
Avro is gradually joined by Avro Easy, National, Prabha, Munir Optima, Uni Vijay (since 2011 it is missing) Bengali keyboard layout. Currently version 5.6.0 of Avro can be downloaded from Omicron's website. It is still free to use. Avro's slogan is, 'Language should be open.'


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