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Home Business As a pretext for Gaza, the main target of the riders on the red cow is Al Aqsa!

As a pretext for Gaza, the main target of the riders on the red cow is Al Aqsa!

by endroar
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Then the Persian rulers defeated Bakhte Nasr's empire and freed the Bani Israel and the Jews from Iraq and brought them back to Palestine. In 516 BC, the construction of another place of worship began again on top of the destroyed Mosque of Solomon or the First Temple.

It is called the 'Second Temple'. Later the Romans defeated the Persians and captured Baitul Muqaddas or Jerusalem and in 70 AD they also destroyed the Second Temple. The Romans built a temple to their god Jupiter at the site.

Today Al Aqsa refers to the entire compound. The entire compound is called 'Haram Al Sharif'. Al Aqsa is a combination of three mosques – Qibla Mosque, Qubbatus Sakhra (Dome of the Rock) and Burak Mosque – within the four walls of this compound. The original Al Aqsa or Qibla Mosque is a domed structure covered with gray lead plates.

However, the more famous golden dome in the media called Al Aqsa is called Qubbatus Sakhra or Dome of the Rock. The main focus of the Jews is the Dome of the Rock which they call the Temple Mount.

Umayyad Caliph Abdul Malik Ibn Marwan started its construction. It was completed in 705 AD during the reign of his son Khalifa I Al Walid.

After the mosque was destroyed by an earthquake in 746 AD, it was rebuilt by Abbasid Caliph Al Mansur. It was later rebuilt by his successor Al Mahdi.

When the mosque was damaged by another earthquake in 1033 AD, Caliph Ali Az-Zahir of the Fatimid regime rebuilt the mosque.

Jews believe that the Romans destroyed the 'Second Temple' and built the Temple of Jupiter. And at that place Dome of the Rock or Kubbatus Sakhra is built. They named this compound, 'Har Habait'. It is here that Jewish hardliners plan to build a Third Temple modeled on the original Sulaimani temple.

Al Aqsa is a compound that is very holy to Muslims, Christians and Jews. A significant proportion of those who the followers of these three religions believe to be prophets or messengers of God were born here or in its vicinity. Maryam (A.S.), the mother of Jesus (A.S.) (who is Jesus Christ to Christians) was the custodian of this mosque.

According to Islam, the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) came to this mosque on the night of Miraj and tied his vehicle called 'Buraq' to the same peet where the Jewish community now worships with hands on the western wall of the Temple of Rock. For this reason it is also called 'Burak Wall'.

Here are the memories of the great men of all three Abrahamic religions.


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