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Apology summons to the engineer in the incident of beating the CBA leader

by endroar

The workers said that Samiul Islam behaves like this with everyone. At times he behaves violently with the workers. Six months ago, he behaved rudely with Mesbaul Islam, the head of the mechanical engineering department of the sugar mill. That day engineer Samiul was installing old boring pumps and pipes in place of new ones in the sugar mill. When Mesbaul Islam protested this irregularity, Samiul misbehaved with him.

Masud Rana, President of Sugar Mills CBA, said, “About 70 lakh rupees are allocated to sugar mills every fiscal year for the reform sector. Engineer Samiul Islam collected most of these money in fake vouchers. He also gave a share of the embezzled money to the MD of the sugar mill. MD did not take action against Samuel for this. In the case of the beating of Rafiqul, the MD made a four-member investigation committee with its own officials without the workers' representatives. They are trying to save Samiul by reporting their investigation. On the contrary, three employees have been suspended to “discipline” and me and my general secretary Rafiqul have been issued a letter of apology.'

CBA General Secretary Rafiqul Islam said, 'Samiul cut my finger by hitting me with a rod. In this incident, I have written a complaint to the MD on behalf of the organization. But this complaint was not investigated. Samiul on the contrary made false allegations against us. After investigating the complaint, three people were temporarily suspended. Such biased behavior of the authorities may lead to unstable situation in the sugar mills.'


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