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Anupam for the first time in Dhaka's drama song

by endroar
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Then the communication with Anupam started. Anupam Roy was contacted through music director Amit Chatterjee. They have done many things together. After listening to the songs of the Bangladesh drama, this singer asked the producer to send the demo. If you like the lyrics, don't mind singing.

Director Mohan Ahmed said, 'Now we have to think differently for songs. Songs play an important role in the popularity of dramas and views. Apart from that we wanted to give something different to the audience on Eid. That's why I thought of a singer like Anupam Roy. The song fits perfectly with the story of the play; That's what we think. Later we contacted him.' He also said that this singer likes to see the demo of the song. He immediately agreed. Later this director went to India with the schedule.


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