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Another 'trade' in the name of selling cheap beef

by endroar

Accounts of the government agency Agriculture Marketing Department and meat traders say that 55 percent of a cow's total weight is salable meat and bones. Bangladesh Meat Traders Association General Secretary Rabiul Alam Prothom-aloWho said, apart from meat and bones, organs including liver, head, legs, legs, skin etc. can be sold.

70 cows have also been supplied for cheap sale from Government Dairy and Cattle Development Farm located at Hathazari, Chittagong. Malay Kanti Modak is the deputy director of the farm Prothom-aloWho said that 55 percent of the meat that is caught by weight while alive is just bones and flesh. Limbs not included.

Calculation shows that if the price of live cow meat falls to Tk 293, then the price of salable meat per kg falls to Tk 430 (taking into account the price of organs).


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