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Ambassadors are not contractually appointed for the time being

by endroar

In all, 21 ambassadors' contracts and normal tenures are set to expire in the next year and a half. At this time there will be changes in the position of the foreign secretary. Because, in addition to the 10 ambassadors asked to return home, the normal term of service of six ambassadors assigned to India, New York's permanent mission, United Kingdom, Brussels, Australia and Portugal will end next December. And in December, the term of office of the contractually appointed ambassador to Russia will end. In addition to this, the High Commissioner of Bangladesh in Pakistan on March 24. Ruhul Alam Siddiqui has been transferred to Dhaka.

According to diplomatic analysts, 18 missions will see reshuffles of high commissioners and ambassadors in a year after the current government comes to power. Apart from this, a new person has to be appointed for the post of foreign secretary as the contract has expired. This will be the first time since independence that such a large number of reshuffles have taken place in the same year.

Officials of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that the ambassadors of Bangladesh in Canada, Geneva, Germany, Japan, Kuwait, Poland, Thailand and Iraq were performing their duties in the agreement. Their contracts expired before the 12th National Assembly elections. But in September last year, the government extended the contract of all of them for another six months. On the other hand, the normal term of service of two diplomats serving in Italy and Greece ends in April. In the meantime, all 10 of them are being ordered to return to the country.


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