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Home Business Alim will also surpass his father Habib: Ferdous Wahid

Alim will also surpass his father Habib: Ferdous Wahid

by endroar
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This is the greatest truth. the reality It is not under human control. Death worries me all the time. Due to which completely left the city of Dhaka and moved to the rural environment. I really have to go. If you have to go, choose the village to stay a little clean. Death thoughts have been going on since 40 years. At first, I felt uneasy if I thought that I would not be on earth one day. Now, however, a belief has crept into the mind, there is another world. I am going from this world to another world, so it is good to think. Sometimes it was scary.

Prothom-alo :

Looking back on 49 years of music career, what do you think?

Happiness-sadness, getting-not-getting-this is the life of people. When human love comes, I feel happiness. But in a few words, it seems that those who are in easy reach than the surprise love, are able to enjoy the life left behind. Simply put, there is nothing more valuable in an artist's life than everyone's easygoing love. Many people encouraged me at the beginning of my music career, I remember that memory. Also remember those who said that culture has gone to the abyss because of us.

Prothom-alo :

How is the status of Bangladeshi music in your eyes now?

I think it's getting better. But it's stalling a bit. As the lightning flashes in the dark clouds, so the lightning flashes in the sky of song, and goes away again. The permanent and wonderful atmosphere is yet to come. Maybe it will come. There are many possibilities. Night after day, night after day – this is how it goes on and on. We have to wait. We don't know if we can see; But we have to get out of the hand of money. It is also true that our youth are doing well. I want to tell them that you are very talented. Love music more than money.


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