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Air pollution during Eid holiday is highest in 9 years

by endroar
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According to Capps research, the average air temperature during Eid days for the last 9 years was 101. Among them, the average air temperature index during this year's Eid-ul-Fitr (5 days) was the highest in the last 9 years. At that time the average air quality index was 190. And the lowest was in 2016 – 67. The 10-day air quality index for 2023 was 114. Last year also Eid was in April. But compared to the last time, this year's air pollution situation has worsened.

From this research it can be seen that out of 75 days the people of Dhaka got clean air only 6 days (0-50 air quality index). Of these, 41 days received moderate (51-100 air quality index) air. Out of the 75 days during the Eid holiday, Dhaka's air quality index was unhealthy for sensitive groups on 21 days. And for two days was in a very unhealthy condition. In 2016, the 5-day average air temperature was 67, which means that the air quality was good at that time.

CAPS Chairman Professor Ahmed Kamruzzaman Majumdar told Prothom Alo that every year public transport on different routes of Dhaka city is closed on the day of Eid and the day after Eid. Most people use rickshaws or their own transport for commuting. Construction and factories remain closed. As a result, the amount of air pollution caused by transportation is slightly reduced. On the other hand, since most of the legal and illegal brick kilns and factories around Dhaka were closed, the air quality of Dhaka improved somewhat. However, this time in 2024, the air quality on the day of Eid-ul-Fitr and the day before it was worse than other years.


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