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Home Business Air force takes officer cadets, applications till September

Air force takes officer cadets, applications till September

by endroar
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Bangladesh Air Force has released a circular for the recruitment of officer cadets in the 91 BAFA course. Interested candidates can apply online from May 1. Last date for application is 28th September.

91 BAFA Course as Bangladesh Air Force officer cadets will be recruited in 4 branches. The branches are GD (P), Engineering, Logistics/ ATC/ ADWC and Admin.

Candidate must be single to apply. Age should be between 16 years 6 months to 22 years as on 19 December 2024.

Height of male candidates minimum 64 inches, chest size minimum 32 inches, expansion 2 inches, height of female candidates 64 inches for GD (P) branch, 62 inches for other branches, chest size minimum 28 inches, expansion 2 inches. Both the candidates weight should be according to age and height.

Sight 6/6 for GD (P) branch candidates and 6/12 for ATC/ ADWC branch candidates and 6/60 for Engineering, Logistics and Admin branches.


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