Home Business After the terrorist attacks in Moscow, Putin is busy dealing with imagined enemies

After the terrorist attacks in Moscow, Putin is busy dealing with imagined enemies

by endroar

The responsibility of US intelligence agencies was to warn of potential terrorist attacks. As the warning reached US citizens and US allies, it is only natural that the Biden administration would alert Moscow and Tehran as well. Now terrorists need to be treated as enemies of mankind under international law. Every country should conduct a campaign against them. Because Russia and Iran support militancy, the United States should not remain silent about potential terrorist attacks on civilians in Russia and Iran.

I have to admit, when I first heard about the terrorist attack in Moscow, I thought maybe Ukraine was responsible. I am glad to know that they are not responsible. Sympathy for Ukraine would have evaporated if reports of links to terrorist attacks were true. In the first half of 2000, Chechen fighters lost international support due to mass killings in Russia. (Russian security forces attacked Russian apartment buildings in 1999 to blame Chechens.)

But it is almost impossible that the Ukrainians would do such a thing. Because Ukraine has rule of law and democracy like USA. Whose main aim is to provide maximum protection to common people from army operations. Ukrainians have attacked Russian installations, such as oil refineries. Because the attack was carried out in Ukraine with the cooperation of all these establishments. But they are not terrorizing Russian cities by bombing them. Russia, on the other hand, is doing exactly that. They bombed cities in Ukraine, Chechnya and Syria.


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