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Home Business After Putin, Xi Jinping, then Europe's new danger is Donald Trump

After Putin, Xi Jinping, then Europe's new danger is Donald Trump

by endroar
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According to the report of The Economist, China is giving huge incentives to the high-tech sector in economic recovery. As a result, car production has increased a lot. The country's trade surplus in the manufacturing sector is now at a record high and is expected to rise further. European leaders are alarmed by this reality, wondering whether their markets will be overrun by China's advanced and cheaper technology products.

On March 5, the European Commission decided it now has enough evidence that China is unfairly subsidizing the electric car industry, meaning it is preparing to impose tariffs on Chinese goods. The president of the European Commission has warned China not to bend the rules of economics when it comes to marketing eco-friendly technology products.

Chinese President Xi Jinping will visit France in May. According to diplomats, he will deliver a tough message on trade during that visit.

Along with developed countries, countries like Brazil and India are also trying to capture China's export market share. These countries are becoming a particular threat to Europe. This is because trade is at the heart of Europe's growth model.


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