Home Business After defeat in Sylhet, Nazmul, 'progress may be slow'

After defeat in Sylhet, Nazmul, 'progress may be slow'

by endroar

After such a loss, captain Nazmul naturally said to learn from their mistakes. But the players of the Bangladesh team have been giving the assurance of 'wanting to learn' in Test cricket for a long time. In that sense, the question is how visible is the improvement of the Bangladesh team.

However, Nazmul's view is different in this regard, 'I heard during the game against New Zealand that we are improving a lot, doing well, many things have changed than before. I have heard this from you many times. So it's not like it hasn't changed at all. It can be said that the change has been minimal. May there be more progress from now on. Progress may be slow. But it's not like it didn't happen.'


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