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Home Business After 13 years of waiting, the father offered Eid prayers with his son

After 13 years of waiting, the father offered Eid prayers with his son

by endroar
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In a Facebook post, Saclain Russell wrote, 'Life got pretty complicated…my studies on remand for a higher degree…examiner's natural pressure…how to get a degree, handle media, become a surgeon…getting life together…all together. I am in a kind of horror.'

At the age of three, Ariz was admitted to a special school effort. He went to school on the first day with his mother. Ariz's mother cried holding the 'Special School' logo on her son's shirt that day. And the father's wish was, 'The boy will know that he is a man, if he is hungry, he will sit at the dining table, he will be able to wear his own clothes, he will know what shame is, and he will know that this person is his own, familiar, he is a stranger.'

When Ariz was five years old, Ariz's mother was posted in Manikganj. He used to come and go from Dhaka. As a result, the son had a little more time with his mother. And at home Ariz's grandmother, Fufu were and still are Ariz's most trusted companions. Ariz's sister-in-law Sumaiya Siraji works as a nutritionist and special teacher at Prayas School in Dhaka run by the Bangladesh Army.

Saclain Russell said, 'He who cannot speak, can also express his needs by gestures. But Ariz can't even do that. Sometimes he takes something seriously, but can't understand anything, we don't understand either, bring this, bring that, don't stop, Ariz. He hit his own head. Helplessly we then hugged him and cried.


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