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Action should be taken against fraud ring

by endroar
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After being closed for two years, the labor market of Malaysia was opened in 2022, but the luck-seeking Bangladeshi citizens did not get the benefits, but a circle of Bangladesh and Malaysia involved in the export of manpower got it. It is a matter of deep concern that most of the people who have fallen into the clutches of this gang who went to Malaysia in exchange of huge sums of money are not getting jobs and are living an inhumane life there. According to the law, a worker should spend 80 thousand taka to go to Malaysia. But the citizens of Bangladesh had to pay four to four and a half lakh taka.

Expatriate Welfare and Foreign Employment Ministry sources say that the Malaysian government is not approving any new application for the recruitment of foreign workers. Those who have already received approval must submit their visa applications by March 31. After that, the country will no longer accept workers' visa applications. Those who have already obtained or will obtain a visa; The last time for them to enter Malaysia is May 31. Since then, no Bangladeshi citizen can take a job there.


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