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Home Business Acceptance of gratuity by employees is prohibited

Acceptance of gratuity by employees is prohibited

by endroar
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Abu Humayd Sa'idi (RA) said, Rasulullah (SAW) appointed a man from the tribe of Asad named Ibn Lutbiya as an employee to collect Sadaqah Usul. Lutbia said, 'It is yours (i.e. Baitul Mal's) and it has been given to me as a gift.'

Hearing this, the Prophet (PBUH) stood on the pulpit and after praising Allah said, 'What happened to the employee whom I send (as Tahsildar), and he says, “That is yours and this is given to me.” Why does he not sit in his father's or mother's house and see if he is given gifts? Muhammad's life in the hands of the holy being, by him! Whoever seizes any of such wealth, he will carry it on his shoulders on the Day of Resurrection. On his neck will be a bleating camel, or a bleating cow, or a bleating goat. Then he raised his hands and said, O Allah! Have I delivered your instructions? He said this twice.' (Muslim, Hadith: 1,832)


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