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A year's work was not completed in three years

by endroar

As per the work order, the work was supposed to be completed on February 17, 2022, but the contractor disappeared for unknown reasons after only a few months of work. According to the Local Government Engineering Department (LGED), the contractor had completed only 20 percent of the work. After that, there was no trace of them for two years. A month ago, the contractor brought some laborers and disappeared after working for a week.

Mohammad Liton Miah on behalf of M/s Main Uddinbasi contracting company Prothom-aloK said, 'Due to various business difficulties, I could not even start and finish the work. Hopefully, the construction of the bridge will be completed by next June.

Recently, it can be seen that the pillar rods of the bridge under construction are standing up. The rod is rusted. Bamboo huts have been constructed by the local people for movement on the side of the bridge. They move by putting the loft. But heavy goods cannot be transported through that loft. The agricultural products of the area have to be taken to different places after a long journey.


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