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Home Business A year's work is not completed in five years

A year's work is not completed in five years

by endroar
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Among the landowners who have filed a case seeking compensation are Maqbul Hossain, Sujan Hossain, Badiuzzaman and Aziz Khan of Fenchuan village. They said that the entire road passing over this village is privately owned. They will withdraw the case once they get the compensation. However, they heard that Sauz has already received the money for land acquisition. They want that money to be quickly distributed among the landowners so that the road works can begin. Because the people of at least 25 villages have to suffer due to the road work being stopped.

On the surface, going to the villages of Patgari, Fenchuan, Sonatala and Teghri, it can be seen that the traffic of rickshaws and vans is dangerous due to broken roads. As a result, their movement has completely decreased. Even after this, accidents often occur while moving various vehicles including rickshaw-vans. Recently, Dayen Sardar (35), an autorickshaw driver of Fenchuan village, was seriously injured in an accident and became paralyzed.

The most dangerous part of this road is in Patgari village. Culverts have been constructed without roads in this part. The culvert is covered with soil on both sides for crossing, but it is not possible to walk through it properly. Especially when it rains, the area becomes slippery. At this time, people often fall from here and get injured.

Residents said that earlier it was a dirt road so it was easy to walk. Even rickshaw-vans were plying. But now due to the digging of the road and the construction of culverts in the middle, it is not possible to walk the rickshaw-van distance.


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