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Home Business A teenager earning Rs 30 a day now owns Rs 12,000 crore

A teenager earning Rs 30 a day now owns Rs 12,000 crore

by endroar
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Rajinder decided to change his position in 1980 after struggling in a hostile environment for several years. Later around 1985 he established a fertilizer factory called Abhishek Industries. Gupta invested 6.5 million taka in this. Later again in 1991 he established a company called 'Katai Mill' in joint partnership. The company became more profitable.

A few days later, Rajinder planned to invest in textile, paper and chemical industries. He launched several units of Trident Group in Punjab and Madhya Pradesh. Recently, the customers of this company are big business companies like J.P., Walmart, Luxury and Linen.

Rajinda served on Trident's Board of Directors for many years. Rajindar, 64, later resigned in 2022 due to personal reasons. He is now the Chairman of Trident Limited. He received the Padma Shri award in 2007. Currently, his total net worth is more than 12 thousand 368 crore rupees.


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