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Home Business A.League and BNP leader's shop on government land

A.League and BNP leader's shop on government land

by endroar
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Last Wednesday, it was seen on the ground that five to six new tin shed shops have been constructed in place of public works in College Gate area on the north side of Srinagar-Dohar road. The back of the shop has been filled with sand. At this time, it was found that the owner of these shops is Momin Ali. Momin Ali is locally influential. He managed everyone and shopped here.

When Momin Ali was contacted in this regard, he said, 'We are not the only ones who have built a paka shop here. There are hundreds of such shops on both sides of the road. He claimed that the place where he shopped belonged to them. The government acquired from them, but did not pay them. For this they have shopped here again. He also said, 'He has leased this place. If you have a place, why lease it?'

Momin Ali could not give any answer when asked from which office and when he got the lease. When asked to see the documents, this BNP leader refused to show them.


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