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A fan of acting, he killed Lincoln

by endroar
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The famous definition of democracy is still on the lips of democratic people. His name is still written in gold letters after abolishing slavery in the United States. His role in building a united United States is still remembered with respect by the American people. He is the 16th US President Abraham Lincoln. On November 6, 1960, he was elected President of the United States. Since then, death threats were his constant companion. He kept letters containing assassination threats in a box labeled 'A (assassination)' on his desk at the White House.

Anti-Lincoln sentiment in the South was at an extreme. However, the president was not afraid for his life. However, historian Harold Holzer believes that he had a mysterious prediction about his own death.

This historian said, 'He (Lincoln) did not believe that assassination could exist in the American consciousness. He was also a fatalist. He used to say, 'If someone wants to criticize me, there is nothing I can do to stop it.'

In fact, on the evening of April 14, 1865, when John Yulks entered the presidential seat at Ford's Theater in Washington, DC, Lincoln had nothing to do. This stage actor shot Lincoln in the head from behind.


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