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Home Business A credit card can be a trusted companion

A credit card can be a trusted companion

by endroar
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Apart from this, MFS has brought a revolutionary change in the country's digital transactions. This system, known as mobile banking, is now transacting more than lakhs of rupees every month. According to the data of Bangladesh Bank, 1 lakh 24 thousand 548 crore taka was transacted through MFS in December. At present the number of registered customers of MFS institutions is 22 crore 4 lakh 57 thousand 448. Digital shopping is constantly increasing in the country using mobile banking.

We have to accept that credit cards are no longer a lifestyle product. It is an essential part of daily living. Still people in large part of our country have various doubts about credit cards. Due to this, the number of credit cards is very less in proportion to the country's economy and population. We are trying to remove the doubts created in people.

Jamuna Bank Credit Card comes with special discounts on products and services to brighten any festival. Eid shopping is no exception.

In a notification issued by the central bank, the maximum interest rate on credit cards has been fixed at 20 percent. After that notification, all the banks of the country have reduced the credit card interest rates.


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