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A conversation starts with a question, a relationship from a conversation…

by endroar
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Any conversation starts with a question. Relationships from talk. Curiosity to know is our brain. When language was invented at the beginning of civilization, the form of questioning began to evolve continuously. Primitive people learned from each other how to survive in a dangerous environment, how to get food, through questions and answers.

Anthropologists say that one of the reasons for the survival of humans on earth is the existence of primitive people in groups. One of the determinants of the group's prosperity was the bond between them. Over the years the collective knowledge of the group has been enriched through questions and answers. The bond is strong. Civilization is made.
The beginning of learning something new is with questions.

Asking questions, especially good questions, is a very important skill. Which is not innate i.e. can be learned. Greek philosophers took the process of questioning to the level of art. The Greek philosopher Socrates often asked his students questions one after the other. In this way all the complex philosophical theories came out through the answers of the students. He figured out how to double the area of ​​a square just by asking a little boy who didn't know numbers.

In many countries, children are encouraged to ask questions at school. But good questioning isn't exactly what is taught. Multiple studies have shown that encouraging children to ask questions increases their intelligence, grasp of language, problem-solving skills, morale, and curiosity. A recent study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that parents who encourage their children to ask questions and answer their children's questions improve the mental health, thinking ability and quality of life of both the child and the parent.


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