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96% of doctors see problems in living in villages

by endroar
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It is mandatory for doctors to work for two years in the posted area after getting employment. But 26 percent of doctors said they didn't. Training is the main reason for not working. 65 percent of doctors did not work continuously in villages due to training. 41 percent are absent from work due to family work.

According to the survey, almost everyone says that they face various problems or challenges while working in rural areas. 96 percent or 297 people said so. 11 people did not mention any problem.

There are many types of problems or challenges. 73 percent said that there is an unsafe environment at work in villages, 70 percent said that they have to hear rudeness. And 50 percent said there is a shortage of other health workers. 40 percent of physicians seek help from family, 39 percent seek help from local influential people, and 35 percent seek help from neighbors or colleagues to deal with these problems. That is, many people look for multiple options.

According to the survey, 63 percent of the doctors do not live in the houses allotted to them in rural areas. 76 percent of the respondents said that the family does not live with them in the allotted house. Doctors also mentioned the reasons for not using the house. Insecurity is the first reason given by 77 percent of the respondents. 72 percent of the doctors mentioned lack of basic accommodation facilities. Again 40 percent said that there is no good transportation system.


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