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80% of permanent domestic workers in the city are minor girls

by endroar

Former Member of Parliament Khodeja Nasreen said that employers and domestic workers are not enemies. The householder was also killed by the maid. The government has formulated the policy. Now that it becomes law, accountability and punishment will be ensured.

Labor leader Abul Hossain said that a situation has been created regarding the rights of domestic workers, it is not sufficient. That policy is unique; There is no such thing anywhere in the world. However, the movement for legislation must continue.

Aminul Haque presented an article on the situation of domestic workers on behalf of Bamsa. Apart from this, Supreme Court lawyer Farida Yasmin presented articles on principles and laws. It is said that domestic workers are not covered by labor laws. Policies are made for them, but it is not legally binding. Therefore, the policy should be quickly converted into law. He said that 96 percent of domestic workers do not report abuse. Those who report or file a case, cannot be brought to justice due to various reasons. These include late filing of cases, settlement of money after the case, giving money or power to influence the investigation by householders.


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