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50-year-old device will continue?

by endroar

There is no end to development and progress in the health sector of the country. Government health infrastructure has gone all the way to the union level. And district by district government medical colleges are being built one after another. Expensive equipment has also gone to district-upazila level hospitals. However, we see many infrastructures and expensive equipment lying down and decaying. Still, how can it be accepted that a hospital will run healthcare with a 50-year-old X-ray machine?

Unbelievable but true, Sarail Upazila Health Complex of Brahmanbaria is running with old X-ray machine. However, most of the time the device is broken. Prothom-aloThe report says that once the health complex had 10 beds. In 1974 it was increased to 30 beds. The X-ray machine is then set up. That machine was the trust of the upazila residents. Although the health complex was upgraded to 50 beds in 2010, the old analog X-ray machine remains.


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