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49 years ago, the murderer came slowly to the Saudi royal palace

by endroar

But outsiders can know the incident of that day properly. Because, on that day, oil minister Zaki Yamani was waiting at home for his 18-year-old daughter Mei Yamani. The oil minister's apartment was several miles from the palace.

Mei Yamani is still alive. He is 68 years old. Lives in London. She is the first woman in Saudi Arabia to hold a Ph.D. He is known as a calligrapher.

His father Zaki Yamani returned home after noon that day. An expression of deep concern on the face. Mei Yamani also did not understand what had happened in the palace a while ago when she saw her father. In his description, 'I am waiting in my father's house. Books all around. Father entered the house. The expression of deep pain on his face, the vision is strange. Dad walked straight into the dining room. There the father shouted. He could only say one word. Musiba', meaning dire danger.'

This behavior of Oil Minister Zaki Yamani that day was completely out of character. Because, everyone knew him as a discreet, slow, soft-spoken person. So why did he behave that day? Do it or not! King Faisal was everything to him—master, friend, guide. But he had such a fate. It is again in front of his eyes! How will he bear this pain?


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