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Home Business 46th BCS Exam: Subject-wise Model Test 24

46th BCS Exam: Subject-wise Model Test 24

by endroar
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15. How many compound vowels in Bengali alphabet?
a. 2T
b. 3
c. 6T
d. 7

16. Which of the following is the sound of Ghosh Mahaprana?
A. h
b. B
c. Th
d. D

17. What is the meaning of the idiom 'Jillapi's patch'?
A. crookedness
b. impossible thing
c. Pride of money
d. bad luck

18. What is the antonym of the word 'heart'?
A. success
b. morality
c. hypocrisy
d. the silence

19. In what sense is the prefix 'op' used in the word 'insult'?
A. opposite
b. inferior
c. distorted
d. lack of

20. Which one is pure in the statement of 'who has no permanent address'?
A. slum dweller
b. tap
c. unaddressed
d. refugees

Answers to Model Test 24
1. b. 2. A. 3. c. 4. c. 5. c. 6. A. 7. A. 8. d. 9. d. 10. b.
11. c 12. b. 13. C. 14. d. 15. A. 16. b. 17. A. 18. c. 19. A. 20. d.


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