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30 cases are pending in the tribunal

by endroar
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Another tribunal was constituted on 22 March 2012, which came to be known as Tribunal-II. Then on September 15, 2015, the two tribunals were merged into one tribunal. Now in this tribunal (International Crimes Tribunal-1) trial of crimes against humanity is going on.

So far 44 cases have been decided from Tribunal-1 and 11 from Tribunal-2. Prosecutor of the tribunal Tapas Kanti ball yesterday Sunday afternoon on the phone Prothom-aloK said that the tribunal has given judgment in 55 cases in the last 14 years. The number of convicts convicted in these cases is 149. At present, 30 cases are pending in the tribunal at pre-trial, trial and presentation of arguments stage.

According to the State party, out of 149 convicts, 106 were sentenced to death. 50 of them are still absconding.

According to the information of the investigation agency of the tribunal, so far 833 complaints have been received by the investigation agency, out of which the investigation of 89 complaints has been completed.

M Sanaul Haque, coordinator of the investigation agency Prothom-aloK said that the tribunal has set a unique precedent internationally in the trial of crimes against humanity. However, there is a kind of frustration among the victims as the appeals of the convicts are not settled in the final trial and the absconding accused cannot be caught at home and abroad.


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