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244 years ago Zamindar Bari Masjid

by endroar
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A row of trees on either side of a rural paved road. Right and left crop fields, tea shops, settlements, schools – leaving all this, the road has moved forward in the far distance. As he walked along the path, the dome surrounded by minarets shone in the cloudy sky. A few pigeons bent their necks and stroking their back feathers with their beaks. At the sound of the Azan on the mic, one or two flew up in flocks.

The scene is Jamalpur Zamindarbari Jame Masjid in Thakurgaon Sadar Upazila. This mosque made of lime, surki and brick has been standing for 244 years. The entire mosque has various foliage and flower designs inside and outside. Many people come to see the mosque because of its beauty. The mosque is a listed heritage site of the Department of Archeology, Govt.


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