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17 Ramadan was the Battle of Badr

by endroar
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According to the ancient Arab custom, wrestling was first held. The army of non-Muslims was one thousand. And there were one hundred horses, six hundred armor and numerous camels. The commander of the non-Muslims was Utba bin Rabi'a. 70 non-Muslims were killed in the battle and 70 were captured.

The strength of the Muslim army was 313 men. Muhajir were 82, rest were Ansar. 61 people from the Aos tribe and 170 from the Khazraj tribe. The number of camels and horses of the Muslims were 70 and 2 respectively. 14 Muslim soldiers were martyred in the battle.

A notable event of this war was the killing of Abu Jahl, the main enemy of the Prophet (PBUH). In this context, there is a heroic story about the unequaled bravery of two teenagers.

In the Qur'an, those who are afflicted are allowed to fight, because they have been oppressed. Allah is surely able to help them. (Surah Hajj, Verse: 39)

The Holy Qur'an also says, 'And those who fight against you, fight them in the way of Allah. But do not transgress. Allah does not love transgressors.' (Surah Baqarah, Verse: 190)


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